Dematting Combs For Dogs With Double Sided Rake

A Must Try All in One Double Sided Dematting Combs For Dogs! You will be amazed at how much hair will be shed after a single use! Imagine how your dog will love a new healthy and shiny coat after having a grooming session with our grooming tool. Our undercoat rake dramatically reduces shedding by up to 90% after just 1 short session. Perfect for matted, heavy shedding undercoats and extra fur. This is the perfect pet comb brush for daily deshedding.

SPECIFICATIONS Of Dematting Combs For Dogs:

  • Item Type: Dematting Combs For Dogs
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Blue
  • Size: M: 6.5x 2.5 x 1.1inch, L: 6.8 x 3.5 x 1.4 inch
  • Package Include: 1 * Pet Dematting Combs

    FEATURES Of Double Sided Pet Dematting Combs:

  • Dual Sided 9+17 Blade: First with the stainless steel 9-blade side to handle the crude knots in your pet's fur. Then you've got 17 blades to perfect the job, getting the tangles cut out and brushed to a smooth finish;
  • Sharp But Gentle: The pet dematting comb brush is designed with sharpened but fine rounded teeth, much safer than the traditional sickle shape mat combs, recommended for the pet with sensitive skin. Best tool for removing mats, tangles, knots, loose hair without irritation or scratching;
  • Upgraded ergonomic & non-slip handle: Material and design upgraded makes your grip more comfortable and effortless. Anti-Slip Grip to Help Prevent Slippery Accidents.
  • Best tool for pets' beauty: Deals with tangles, mats and brush hair to a supple sensation. Easy and pleasant use for you & great experience for your dog and cat;
  • Ideal Size:The comb is 7" x 3.7"/18cm x 9cm, making this the best de-matting comb for the various body type of dogs, cats, and all furry friends. Note: Best for pets with medium length hair. Tangles and knots need to be tidied before grooming;
  • Comfortable for pets: Some of the best bonding time with your cat or dog is when you groom them. It feels like a massage to them.
  • Size