5M Retractable Dog Leash with Light

Our cutting-edge LED-enhanced retractable dog leash is designed to redefine your pet's walking experience, offering both safety and convenience. Also it has double-sided RGB light ring. This retractable dog leash has U-shaped retraction opening 360° tangle-free design that allowing you to control your dogs from any angle.

SPECIFICATIONS of Retractable Dog Leash: 

  • Item Type: Retractable Dog Leash with LED Light
  • Material: ABS+TPR+Plated Metal+Nylon
  • Rope Length: 5M
  • Weight: 314g
  • Size:18.5*11*5cm
  • Color: Orange, Purple, Green
  • Suitable: All Pets≤35KG

  • FEATURES of Retractable Dog Leash with Light:

    • Focused Illumination: Embedded with a high-intensity LED headlamp, this dog leash offers 100 lumens of brightness, illuminating a distance of up to 5 meters. Enjoy nighttime walks with enhanced visibility and safety.
    • Dual-Sided RGB Halo Lights: Even when the main light is off, the dog leash ensures your pet's safety with dual-sided RGB halo lights. These lights provide sufficient visibility in the dark, guaranteeing a safe and secure outing.
    • High-Precision Axial Mechanism: Designed to withstand the test of time, this dog leash features a high-precision axial mechanism with a remarkable 60,000 pull-and-retract cycles. Say goodbye to tangled and stuck leashes!
    • Meter Extended Reach: With a generous 5-meter retractable length, you have full control over your pet's movements while granting them the freedom to explore within your guidance.
    • U-Shaped Rope Exit: The U-shaped rope exit ensures that the leash retracts smoothly and without any tangles. No more frustrating and time-consuming untangling sessions!
    • Comfortable Soft-Grip Handle: The ergonomically designed soft rubber handle fits snugly in your hand, providing a comfortable and secure grip. No more hand fatigue during extended walks.