2 in 1 Dog Hair Dryer with Comb Brush Pet Grooming Dryer

This intelligent cat/dog hair dryer with comb brush is a integrated pet hair blowing, combing & grooming tool. When blowing, it can be placed close to the pet's body while blowing and combing, which not only improves thermal efficiency and dries quickly, but also removes floating hair from the comb, effectively reducing the occurrence of long hair flying in the air. This innovative design let it emable to achive blow-dry pet hair, combing the pet hair, removing the floating hair & and pet grooming simultaneously. What is more, ECP (Enhanced Control Panel) technology making you can choose the temperature & wind speed more easily and quickly.


  • Item Type: Smart Pet Hair Dryer with Comb Brush
  • Material: ABS+ PA+ 30%GF
  • Color: White/ Purple
  • Size:25.6*9.5*9.5cm/10.08*3.74*3.74inch
  • Net Weight400g
  • Rate Power Supply220V
  • Rate Power300W
  • Speed40000 RPM
  • Package Include:1 x Pet Hair Dryer,1 x Adapter

    FEATURES of Pet Hair Dryer with Comb Brush

  • Eight-Leaf High-Speed Turbine Core:Our advanced eight-leaf high-speed turbine core technology ensures efficient and quick grooming. Achieve a perfectly groomed look in just 5 minutes!
  • 40000 RPM DC Motor:Powered by a robust 40000 RPM direct current motor, this dog hair dryer provides a stable and powerful airflow, making grooming a breeze.
  • 360° Surrounding Airflow:The innovative 360° surrounding airflow design guarantees even and thorough drying and styling for your pet's coat.
  • 18m/s Strong Wind Speed:Experience the strength of an 18m/s wind speed that effortlessly manages your pet's fur, leaving it smooth, shiny, and free from tangles.
  • ECP Technology:Our grooming brush features ECP (Enhanced Control Panel) technology, allowing you to precisely control the temperature and choose from 4 different wind speed settings. The LED touch control screen makes adjustments intuitive and easy.
  • 6-Layer Noise Reduction Cool Tech: Enjoy a quieter grooming session with our 6-layer noise reduction Cool Tech. Even at its lowest setting, it operates at just 55dB, ensuring your pet remains calm and comfortable.
  • Built-in Ion Generator:Our grooming brush boasts a built-in ion generator that instantly releases millions of negative ions into your pet's fur. These ions eliminate frizz and leave your pet's coat soft, silky, and lustrous.
  • 135° Angled Massage Comb:Treat your pet to a relaxing massage while grooming with the 135° angled massage comb. Not only does it groom, but it also promotes better skin health and reduces shedding.
  • Double-Layer Push-Pull Detachable Design: Cleaning up is a breeze with the double-layer push-pull detachable design. Easily remove stray hairs and debris for a clean and hygienic brush.
  • Removable Filter End Cap:Keep your brush clean and hygienic with the removable filter end cap, making it a breeze to eliminate any remaining hair.


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