Bear-hug Backrest Calming Pet Nest

Designed with a high backrest resembling a cuddly teddy bear, this cat nest not only provides a cozy bed for your cat but also becomes their trusted companion and provide them with a place where they can unwind, play, and recharge their energy. It is also a dog nesting bed that suitable for small dogs. 

Specifications of Cat Nest/Dog Nesting Bed

  • Item Type: Bear Hug Backrest Cat Nest Bed
  • Material: Premium polyester, PP cotton and sponge
  • Size: 52*52*22 cm(21 * 21 *7 inches; 1.45 Pounds)
  • Application: Cat bed
  • Color: Blue/ Brown
  • Suitable for Cat or small dogs
  • Package Include: 1*Cat Bed


Features of Cat Nest

  • Teddy Bear High Backrest:The adorable bear cub design offers a sense of security for your cat, allowing them to curl up and relax with peace of mind. It's a bed and a loyal friend, all in one.
  • Premium Quality Teddy Bear Plush Fabric (Brown Edition): Crafted from high-quality teddy bear plush fabric, our cat bed nest offers unrivaled comfort and warmth. The soft and luxurious material pampers your cat, ensuring a restful sleep.
  • Faux Rabbit Fur Fabric (Blue Edition): For a touch of elegance and sophistication, we present the Blue Edition of cat nest, featuring a faux rabbit fur fabric. This plush material provides an incredibly soft and gentle experience, satisfying even the most discerning cats.
  • Removable and Washable Design: Designed with a removable and washable cover, making calming pet nest easy to keep the bed fresh and clean. Say goodbye to pet hair and odors!
  • Anti-Slip Bottom Design: Features a thoughtful anti-slip bottom design, ensuring stability and preventing any accidental slips or falls. Your cat can confidently jump in and out of their cozy nest without any worries.