Cat Window Perch for Narrow Sills Hot Selling Cat Hammock/Bed

The cat window perch is not just a cat bed – it's a haven for relaxation and entertainment. Treat your cat to the ultimate luxury and provide them with a place where they can unwind, play, and recharge their energy. If you are looking for high quality & flexible a cat window perch for narrow sills, a cat bed that can be mounted to window or beside, hanging cat hammock, this product is a perfect one.

SPECIFICATIONS of Cat Window Perch

  • Item Type: Cat Window Perch with Reversible Mat
  • Material: Artificial berber fleece+microsuede, wood
  • Size: S: 47*40*22 cm(18.5* 15.6*8.5 inch)
  • Application: Cat bed, hang on windowsill, hang on bedside, hang on cabinet
  • Color:Beige/ Black+white
  • Suitable for Cat:<40 lbs
  • Package Include:1* Cat Window Perch

TAKE NOTE that if your window sill track does not have right angles it will not be as sturdy.

Features Of Cat Window Perch

  • Versatile Placement: Position it by the window, granting your cat a front-row seat to the captivating outdoor scenery, as they happily observe birds fluttering by and the world passing by. Place it by your bed, turning it into your cat's own personal sleeping sanctuary, allowing you to enjoy a restful slumber together.
  • No Drilling Required: installation is a breeze! Our Window Perch comes with a secure attachment mechanism that easily fastens onto any ledge or shelf, offering a stable and reliable hold without leaving a trace.
  • Sturdy and Durable: Crafted with high-quality materials, it can effortlessly support up to 40 lbs (18 kg) of weight, ensuring a secure resting spot for your furry friend. You can rest easy knowing that your cat will be safe and comfortable while enjoying their favorite vantage point.
  • Double-Sided Comfort: Our Window Perch boasts a reversible fabric, making it the epitome of cozy indulgence. One side is Artificial berber fleece, providing a plush and snuggly surface that your cat will adore sinking into. On the flip side, microsuede fabric, ideal for the summer. This innovative design ensures your cat's comfort is catered to year-round and and is incredibly easy to clean.
White+ Black