Tips on Selecting Dog Beds for Older Dogs

July 07, 2023 4 min read

When dogs enter the older age, you will notice that they sleep longer and more frequently. Taking a nap during the day and sleeping at night, a typical dog needs 10 hours of sleep time per day, but older dogs need more sleep, which is very important. Insufficient sleep can have a negative impact on dogs' emotions, memory, and attention.

If a dog is irritable, forgetful, disoriented, or has difficulty paying attention to commands, insufficient sleep may be one of the possible reasons. Older dogs are more prone to fatigue than younger ones, but they are also more likely to be awakened. Confounding such as light, noise and pressure may also make it difficult for old dogs to get enough rest.

Since older dogs have a lot of sleep time, giving them a comfortable bed is the best gift. There are several key factors to consider when selecting dog beds for older dogs and where to place them.

1. The dog bed should provide good support for the dog

Due to severe joint wear and tear in elderly dogs, they need a bed that can correct their shape. During sleep, this bed can help the dog support its joints, reduce stress, and effectively improve sleep quality. When buying a bed for a dog, the most important thing is whether the bed can support the dog. Although a soft bed looks comfortable, an elderly dog, especially one with joint problems, should not sink into it and stick to the floor. A harder dog bed will provide more support for the dog's joints, making it easier to enter and exit.

It should adapt to all dog postures, not just its favorite ones. An orthopedic bed is designed to support the joints on your dog's body, especially its back. Many are made of memory foam, which are soft enough to relax but strong enough to prevent dogs from sticking to the floor. Memory foam also do not permanently fix the shape of a dog, so they will not deform due to its use. Waterproof memory foam dog bed is an ideal choice for your older dogs.

A simple test can determine whether this cushion is suitable: put your hand into the cushion on the dog bed, if you can feel the floor, or if the filling is moving on your hand, then don't buy it. 

2. The bed should be easy for dogs to climb up and down

Older dogs are unlikely to jump out of bed in the morning. After sleeping all night, when the old dog wakes up in the morning, its joints may become stiff, so jumping out of bed is very painful. Because it is not as agile as before, it may cause injuries, especially on smooth floors. It's actually quite simple, don't put up a high dog bed, and the dog bed must not have railings. This will prevent it from having to stand up, jump off, or get up from the bed.

3. Don't choose materials that are too warm

Temperature is another common sleep disorder, usually because the dog is too hot to sleep. Some materials are very warm, which makes them uncomfortable and difficult to fall asleep. A bed made of "hot neutral" materials will provide dogs with better sleep. Although the bed made of wool looks very comfortable and soft, its thermal insulation performance is too good. Materials like cotton have better breathability than thicker and denser materials, so they do not tightly retain the dog's body heat. A cool, washable, and waterproof bed cover is also great for a dog that may have bladder problems. If you are worried that the memory sponge may be too warm for the dog, add a breathable bed cover.

4. Keep the bed in a quiet place and do not disturb the dog's rest

Elderly dogs often interrupt their sleep due to factors such as light, noise, and pressure. Therefore, you need to choose a relatively quiet and comfortable place to put dog bed, and it is best to avoid being close to noisy areas such as the kitchen and doors. If the dog bed is placed in a room, you can also close the door and close the curtains to block the spread of noise. If your house is a villa, it is best to be at the bottom of the house somewhere. It doesn't need to climb the stairs every morning after waking up.

As the dog getting old, it may need to urinate more frequently, so the bed should not be too far from the toilet, otherwise the dog may lose control halfway.

5. Creating a sense of security for dogs

Even dogs in the wild do not sleep directly outdoors, which is dog's nature. Dogs like to sleep in a closed space like a cave, feeling the safest. This does not mean that you need to use an aviation box, a quiet corner is also ok. If you choose to use a cage, the door should always be open.

Dogs are social animals, and in the eyes of dogs, you are the most important member of their social group. The safest place for a dog is by your side, and you can also place its bed in your room or where you spend most of your time at home. This can help dogs sleep soundly, wake up feeling happier, and rest better.

Selecting the suitable dog beds for older dogs is very important, hoping the above tips helping you to make a perfect choice.

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