How to Select the Best Deshedding Brush for Short Hair Dogs?

June 18, 2023 5 min read

Friends who have pet dogs know that dogs need to be groomed regularly, so many families have several brushes for grooming dogs in their homes. When selecting the deshedding brush for short hair dogs, some may think the more expensive, the better. Well, only the most suitable is the best. Choosing a suitable brush for dogs is very important to consider the characteristics of the pet dog's hair.  Dogs with different coats are suitable for different brushes. Short-haired dogs are suitable for use: shearing brushes, mane brushes, teeth dense sticks, tools for tooth sticks.

A hair removal brush for pets is indispensable, helping dogs maintain a clean outdoor environment, and more importantly, to clean the hair from the body and make the skin more air-permeable and healthy. But when it comes to hair removal brushes, besides the most familiar needle sticks brush, there are also various types such as rubber brushes and hair removal gloves. A wide range of types making us do not know how to select the suitable one. This article will introduce in detail how to choose a suitable deshedding brush for short hair dogs, helping you to select best brush for short hair dogs.

1. Dog Needle Comb Brush: Universal option, suitable for all dog breeds

When it comes to representative products for dogs' shedding brushes, the needle comb is undoubtedly the most popular one. It is suitable for all dog breeds and can be considered a basic essential tool, as it is one of the most convenient grooming tools. It can comb down to the roots of the fur and effectively remove dirt and tangles, making it easy to keep your dog's appearance neat and tidy.

However, it should be noted that when using the needle comb brush, the needle tips should stop before reaching the dog's skin to avoid direct contact with the skin. Also, holding the brush in a pen-like grip is the correct posture. The ones used for pets are mostly made of metal soft needles, and there are two options for thickness. The fine needle comb brush is denser and softer and is generally used for removing hair and untangling knots. Dogs with double-layered short hair are very suitable for fine needles comb brush. And during the shedding period, they can remove a lot of hair every time.

Dog Needle Comb Brush

2. De-floating hair comb brush: clean the surface layer of floating hair

In terms of the function of cleaning floating hair alone, this kind of steel comb brush should be the strongest one, especially suitable for double-coated dogs. It is very suitable for cleaning the surface floating hair on double-coated dogs. However, because the teeth of the comb brush are relatively shallow, although it is good for removing the floating hair on the surface, the effect of cleaning the underlining is relatively general. You can use it alternately according to the actual situation and needs. It is suitable for double textured hair dogs like Pomeranian, Golden Retriever, Shiba Inu and more. This kind of hair removal brush can smoothly reach the undercoat and take away the shedding undercoat, which is a great helper during the dog moulting period.

3.The brush handle is slightly longer than the hand when grasping

If the dog hair comb brush handle of the hair removal brush is shorter than the palm of the hand, it may unconsciously bring too much force and make the dog feel uncomfortable. Therefore, the most suitable size is for the handle to slightly exceed the joint of the thumb and index finger. In addition, because different products have different size labels, please be sure to know the actual size of the product before purchasing.

4. Selecting the one that easy to clean

Don’t forget to clean the shot hair dog deshedding brush itself after grooming the dog, so that the hair remaining on the brush teeth will not affect the hygiene problems in the future. Therefore, it is recommended to buy a brush that can be easily cleaned. For example, a product that can retract the comb teeth and discharge the hair with the push of a button is an option worthy of reference.

5. A soft brush or flat comb can be considered for the final step of combing or shearing hair

In addition to using the above-mentioned hair removal brushes, you can also use a "soft hair brush" to run the surface over after cleaning, so as to make the dog hair fluffy, soft and shiny.

In addition, there is also a "pin round comb" with a structure similar to that of a general comb. The round-shaped comb needles are especially effective for combing the knotted waste hair of long-haired species.

Finally, use the "flat comb" to help the hair flow for final finishing, and use its combing action to reconfirm whether there are hair balls or knots left. In addition, when shearing the hair for dog breeds such as Yorkshire Terrier or Poodle, "flat hair comb" is also one of the important tools to stand up the hair and make it look fluffy, and its uses are unlimited.

Ps: Hair removal gloves brush: suitable for dogs who don't like brushes.

Some pets with sensitive personalities may feel worried about the brush. Therefore, the dog hair removal gloves with the functions of pulling and collecting hair are the first choice for these furry friends. The rubber gloves with the soft comb solve the problem that many grooming tools are too hard, and you can safely and boldly brush on your dog without fear of scratching the skin. It is also very easy to use.

The glove-shaped rubber brush uses small protrusions on the palm instead of brush needles. This gentle touch reduces skin irritation, so it is especially suitable for furry friends who hate hard brushes, and the price is also very cheap. It is recommended that families with small (short-haired) furry friends always have one.

dog hair removal gloves

In conclusion, selecting the best deshedding brush for your short hair dog is an important decision that can help to reduce shedding and keep their coat healthy and shiny. It's essential to consider factors such as the size and breed of your dog, the type of coat they have, and the features of the deshedding brush itself before making a purchase. With the right deshedding brush and regular grooming, you can keep your short-haired dog looking and feeling their best while keeping shedding under control. Hope this article help you when selecting a suitable deshedding brush for short hair dogs.

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