Hot-selling Pet Hair Remover Roller Compact Sticky Roller

Pet hair remover roller for sale - this multi-functional compact sticky roller for pet hair can quickly and effectively removes pet loosing hair from the couch, carpet, clothes, bedding, car seats, etc. Best lint roller for pet hairthat is multi-functional & cost effective.  

SPECIFICATIONS OF Pet Hair Remover Roller:

  • Item Type: Pet Hair Remover Roller/Lint Sticking Roller
  • Material: Plastic+Felt cloth
  • Color: White, Red
  • Package Include1x Pet Hair Removal Roller

    FEATURES OF Sticky Roller for Pet Hair:

    • Reusable Cotton Roller: No batteries, no power source, and no replacement parts needed. Our sticky roller for pet hair is environmentally friendly and durable.

    • No More Hair Clumps: The animal fur pet hair remover roller features a removable silicone guide plate. When used on sofas, carpets, beds, and other furniture, it automatically collects the hair into a storage box, making cleanup a breeze.
    • A Must-Have Home Cleaning Tool: Our pet hair remover brush prevents pets from accidentally ingesting their own fur. It's a versatile, compact tool that's essential for every household. It's easy to carry, store, and use.
    • Easy to Use: Our sticky roller for pet hair has no complicated steps. Simply rotate it to remove dirt and hair that stick to the brush.
    • Multi-Functional: This tool is not just for removing hair from clothes and fabrics. It's also perfect for cleaning bedding, sofas, car seats, and cat climbing frames.