Dog Onesie Preventing Shedding Hair for Home/Car

PetHairGuard - Stylish Shield Against Shedding

Zipper-Free Dog Bodysuit,Breathable & Lightweight,No Fur Pinching

The dog onesie is designed for versatile wear, whether it's at home, in the car, or any place you desire to keep your furry companion close without the hassle of shedding. Spend more quality time with your pet and less time cleaning up!


  • Item Type: Zipper-Free Dog Bodysuit
  • Material: Main body 100% cotton, collar and cuffs 95% cotton 5% polyester
  • Color: Dark Grey(zoo)/Purple(horses)/Camouflage/Grey
  • Product sizes:

M: Back Length: 14.6in, Chest: 23.2in, Dog Neck 13-14.5in. Reference weight: 16-22lb.

L: Back Length: 17.71in, Chest: 26.4in, Dog Neck 14.5-16in. Reference weight: 25-33lb.

XL: Back Length: 19.3in, Chest: 29.5in, Dog Neck 16-17.7in. Reference weight: 33-49lb.

2XL: Back Length: 21.6in, Chest: 31.9in, Dog Neck 17-18.5in. Reference weight: 49-66lb.

3XL: Back Length: 23.2in, Chest: 34.6in, Dog Neck 18-19.7in. Reference weight: 66-88lb.

4XL: Back Length: 25.6in, Chest: 37.4in, Dog Neck 20-21.6in. Reference weight: 88-99lb.

5XL: Back Length: 27.5in, Chest: 42.1in, Dog Neck 21.6-24.4in. Reference weight: 103-138lb.

FEATURES OF Dog Bodysuit:

  • Unique No-Zipper Design:Prevents dog fur or skin from getting caught in zippers, ensuring your pet's safety and comfort.
  • Premium Materials:Made from 100% cotton fabric, this dog onesie is lightweight, breathable, and features cotton and polyester collar and cuffs for added comfort and flexibility. Its tailored design ensures a comfortable fit without irritation.
  • Medicinal Advantages:Extended sleeves shield elbows and joints, while abdominal coverage prevents skin irritations and allergic reactions. Ideal for post-operative recuperation, it shields wounds from moisture and discourages licking or insect bites, thereby expediting healing.
  • Provides a Sense of Security:Designed to offer gentle pressure for mildly anxious dogs, providing a calming and secure feeling.


Quick Tip:This dog bodysuit is suitable for both male and female dogs. If your dog is a male, please use scissors to cut the fabric at the crotch area according to the guide. If your dog is still growing, we recommend choosing a larger size. If you're unsure between two sizes, it's better to choose the larger one for your dog's comfort. Alternatively, feel free to contact us directly.